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17 video lessons & supporting documents that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Proven Methods

Kearn’s journey from Starbucks barista to professional has left him with years of experiences on how to land and execute commercial jobs.

Kearn’s Toolkit

Gear recommendations, pitch outlines, editing tutorials, and more. Learn actionable steps to shoot for your dream brands.

Meet Andrew Kearns

Friends call me Kearns. I first discovered my passion and fascination with photography while spending ample amounts of time outside. It began with backyard explorations of Washington State — capturing moody Pacific Northwest landscapes and sharing them with Instagram. Though over time, my work has grown into a soft look at the people I'm surrounded by, I feel endlessly inspired to document my friends and their personal experience with the outdoors. I've had the honor to work alongside dream clients, such as Apple, E&J Gallo, and TOMS.

How Alex Met Andrew

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17 episodes teaching you:

• How to pitch a brand and build decks

• How to plan ahead to execute  on inspiration

• How to approach the shoot / directing models

• A new way to think about post production workflow

• And all of Andrew’s wisdom nuggets along the way

My Story

Meet Andrew Kearns and his story of perseverance that landed him photography projects with some of the world’s largest brands. 

Workshop Overview

Andrew walks you through each step of the workshop and how he will approach his commercial shoot with P’alante. 


Andrew shares it all while he dissects his backpack, sling, and go-to gear he brings on a shoot. 

Pitching A Client

Learn how Andrew initiates conversation and packages his value, work, and ideas into a PDF for a brand. Watch him build out this approach firsthand for client, P’alante. 

Pre-Pro Planning

Learn Andrew's approach to scouting and planning an upcoming shoot.

Scouting A Location

Join Andrew as he walks us through how he scouts a location for a shoot.

In the Field

Shooting Story Shots

Watch Andrew get supporting narrative shots for our assignment.

Tips For Talking to Models

Sonora, one of Andrew's models, shares a few invaluable tips on how to direct and talk with models.


Follow along as Andrew continues shooting the assignment, now focusing more on product shots.


We finish out the shoot building a fire at sunset on the beach.

In the Studio

Editing Pt 1

Learn the best keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom, ways to optimize your layout, and how Andrew uses Photo Mechanic before going into Lightroom.

Editing Pt 2

Andrew shares how he edits one of the hero product photos from the shot.


Andrew demonstrates how to make a panorama, fill in area's you may have missed, and how he goes "all-in" on an image.

VSCO Editing

Some photos don't need the full Lightroom & Photoshop treatment. Andrew shares his approach to quick & easy mobile editing.

Photo Book & Expanding Photography

Andrew shares the process behind his new photo book, and the ways he likes to take photography outside the traditional borders.

Wisdom Nuggets & Knowledge Bombs

Andrew shares some of his philosophies towards professional life, money management, and long-term creative sustainment.

Andrew & Alex Talk Creativity

Andrew and Alex talk freelance life and how to take it to the next level.

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